Thursday, October 14, 2010

For Baby C

I just finished this little mobile, for Baby C. The pattern is from the May or June issue of Crochet Today. I can't remember. I have it in my stash at home. But it was something that I wanted to make for Baby C, long before she was born. Time just escaped me.

Until now. While I've been sitting here, next to her crib, I've been crocheting. The hospital can be such a cold and sad place. I know, she's in a Children's Hospital. And things are generally a lot more playful. With morals on the walls. But I want her to have something special. Something that will make her stay a little bit more peaceful and happy.

I know. It's pretty nuts. Maybe I just feel better, by making Baby C something. Like it's my little way of helping her heal. I'm not sure. I just wanted to make her something that would comfort her. And make her days a little brighter. Anything to make my Goddaughter's life a little easier. ♥

1 comment:

Crafty Mom said...

This is darling! Can we share the pattern? :)

I'm positive that Baby C is loving her new mobile. And all her time with you!