Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween!!!

Happy Halloween!!! This just so happens, to be one my favorite holidays! Months ago, I picked out my Halloween costume. I've been decorating for weeks. Oh, how I LOVE Halloween!

This year, we're splitting the weekend between Sin City...and Bama. "His" and "her" work stuff! But that's life. And we're making the best of it. :) I've been performing with the LBs. Which is ALWAYS a ton of fun! Our costumes are crazy, and somewhat exotic. Well, at least for us. :) And My Guy, he's working hard. During one of his favorite weekends, of the entire year!

Tonight, I'm performing. And My Guy, is coming out west. With a few of his buddies. :) Right after the show, and a little bit of fun, we're heading back. Because My Guy has to work tomorrow! I know. We're absolutely nuts!!!

I can't lie. I'm sorta bummed out. All my cool decorations, are back at the house. :( But I did manage to add some flair to our "Home on Wheels." And in my hotel room in Sin City. Come on, I live for fun decorations!

I hope that everyone has a safe, and fun Halloween! I'm off to have some breakfast. And to catch a flight west. This is going to be my 7th flight, in 3 days! Maybe I can catch a little nap, on the plane. Happy Halloween!!!

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