Thursday, October 29, 2009

Happy (late) National Chocolate Day

Did you know that there is a "National Chocolate Day?" Yes, there is! And it was yesterday. How did I not know? I am the biggest chocoholic you will ever meet! EVER!!! I love the stuff. I think it is pretty ironic that my ancestors are traced back to the Mayans. Chocolate was for their royalty. It was a very prized possession.

Here I am. All these years later. With stashes of chocolate. Cooking and baking with the stuff. Making mole and gooey brownies. Or just taking a bar. Preferably, a chocolate and peanut bar. And eating it for a snack. Possibly eating chocolate for lunch. You know, on those really bad days.

So let me just wish you a Happy Chocolate Day! Go out and buy a few bars to celebrate. You know. We have to celebrate this amazing day. Even if we are a day late! ♥

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