Saturday, October 24, 2009

A Blessed Day

Today, I'll become a Godmother. Once again. But it's different this time around. It feels more special. Not taking anything away from my Goddaughters. But this is different. Today, we are baptizing my cousin's little girl. A family member.

It just feels special. Different. And right. My cousin and I, are about a year and a half apart, in age. He's younger. But as small kids, we were raised together. Because he lived next door. And as teens, we once again became close. We were sharing lots of the same interests. Primarily music. But we didn't go to the same school. Or see each other often. That didn't stop us. We wrote tons of letters. Back and forth.

Yes, my cousin and I have a lot of history. Primarily, we're friends. There's not a whole lot of people in my family, that I'd call a friend. But he's one. Just less than 2 weeks ago, when I got the call, I couldn't say no. I was touched. To imagine, he and his wife, were asking me to be such an important part of their little girl's life.

So for about 2 weeks now, I've been running around wild. Trying to get a dress, shoes, the perfect accessories, a cake, and all the paper work. I've reworked schedules, booked a flight, and made plenty of phone calls. Made sure that I had gotten the right sizes of everything. Double checked the list I got from the church. And now, the big day is here. Everything is ready.

And if all of that isn't crazy enough, I will get to actually meet my new Goddaughter, for the first time. Yes, the very first time. Just hours before she is baptized. On her 2nd birthday. I'm very excited, for so many reasons. But mostly, because I have this opportunity, to be a big part of her life. And for that, I feel the most blessed!

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