Sunday, October 11, 2009

The Orgasm Cake

Do you really want to know the story behind this? It's actually very cute, and somewhat funny. Not sexual in anyway.

My Guy and I had been dating. Nearly 6 months. And I ask him what he wanted for his birthday. This man. The man that makes at least 9 figures a year. That has everything a man could want. I ask him. Hoping it's under $200. Because, I'm a college student, with limited funds. But I wanted to get him something special.

He thinks long and hard. For almost 2 weeks. What does he want? A cake. Yes, he told me that he wanted a "homemade cake." Like when he was little. His Mom would make him a butter cream cake, with chocolate frosting. And sprinkles. Lots of colorful sprinkles. He liked the way they'd crunch. :)

Sounded easy enough. I still managed to find him a birthday present or two. :) The perfect CD. And the 1970s sign, that he hung almost immediately. Oh, and there was that shirt. But the cake? I wanted him to have something special. Something that I had made him. That was a little bit different. Something orange flavored. He likes orange flavored things. So I looked up a ton of recipes.

That work week, it was insanity. I was working at the hospital, and performing. Oh, and My Guy was working too. We were lucky, to get 5 minutes to talk, before falling asleep at night. I never made it to the grocery store. I never bought a thing I needed.

I woke up early on his birthday. Maybe because mid-dream, I realized it was My Guy's birthday! How in the world had I forgotten to go to the store? It was just before 5AM. And I quietly made my way to the kitchen. I knew I had some miscellaneous baking supplies. But I had no clue what was in the pantry. I was praying for the butter cream cake mix and chocolate frosting. No luck...

Our dogs stared at me. While I was sitting on the floor. Staring at the 2 boxes in my hand. Chocolate cake, and strawberry cake. Chocolate sounded more manly. You know, I don't think a pink cake, would have gone over so well. In 10 minutes, it was in the oven. I was on a ladder. Looking for some frosting. Again, strawberry. Definitely not what I was looking for. I kept digging. And behind a case of Sun Drop, and an economy sized box of Cheerios, I found a container of vanilla frosting.

Well, I was 0 for 2. But I was going to make it work. I waited patiently for the cake to bake. I pulled out My Guy's presents. Which I had wrapped days before. And the card. The card that took 2 weeks to write. And I waited.

Eventually, the chocolate cake was frosted. With vanilla frosting. It looked yummy. Or maybe I was hungry. It was just after 6AM. I added some sprinkles. But it didn't seem special enough. You know, the frosting was starting to melt too. The cake was still warm. So I added some M&Ms. They were there. Staring me down on the kitchen counter. Yummy. That's what I thought.

It was not the most gorgeous cake I've ever made. I wasn't sure how it tasted. Not the way I had envisioned, celebrating My Guy's birthday. I had HUGE plans. That just didn't work out. But we had a cake. And it looked good. I've made other cakes. Beautiful ones. With elaborate designs. Beautiful frosting. And here, I was staring at this very "homemade cake." I was just hoping My Guy would like it.

In 3 trips, I made it upstairs. Presents, card, and cake. Candles included. My Guy still sound asleep. Yes, he slept through it all! He's a heavy sleeper. Doesn't like mornings. It wasn't a miracle that he was still asleep.

But when I woke him up and sang Happy Birthday, it was all worth it! That friends, was the beginning to our new "Birthday Tradition." That morning, we ate cake in bed. 2 spoons, no plates, and no napkins. The words out of My Guy's mouth, "It's like an Orgasm in my Mouth. In a good way. A totally good way." It just made me smile. :) To see him all smiles! Because I had planned something different. A fancy pants cake. With a fruit filling. And beautiful frosting work. Instead, we were digging into this cake. This cake that made him smile like that. Like a little boy, who had just had all his dreams granted.

So, yesterday I baked that same cake. And I brought it to bed. My Guy's very sleepy eyes, they lit up. And we enjoyed a little bit of sunshine. It was delicious. And I see myself making this cake, "The Orgasm Cake," for every birthday we celebrate together. You know, until the end of time!

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