Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Whispering Kisses

"I wasn't kissing him, I was whispering in his mouth."

That's what I told My Guy's nieces tonight. I know. I'm bad. I'm horrible! But the last thing we expected was the 2 of them racing into our house. You know, mid kiss. Him pressed against me. Me against the French Doors. Explain that to 2 little girls. Oh and were not married. They don't get it.

It's not that I don't have experience with little kids. Or that these 2 little girls have never seen anyone kiss before. I mean they are 9 and and nearly 4. I'm sure they've seen their parents kiss. But sit and explain why their Uncle's tongue was beckoning for permission into my mouth. Or why his hands were now, somehow in places they knew they shouldn't be. Didn't we just have the talk about "No Hands on Pompies?"

Never mind that it's our home. We hadn't seen each other in a few days. Or whatever not. That we're in a committed 1 1/2 relationship. We've been living together for well over a year now. Those things don't matter. So what do we say? My Guy quickly collects himself. And asks why they are there. Where is their mom? His sister. Again why are they there? They're just happy to see their Uncle. Who somehow vanishes for days or weeks at a time. You know, because of his work. Never once, do they try to explain, why they came running in. Why their bags are now on our couch...

You know, as the only 2 really stable people in their lives, I feel like they deserve some sort of an explanation. But how do you explain these things. They're 9 and nearly 4. Remember? I'm sure, parents with kids, at one time or another, have had to explain something along these same lines. I remember a friend telling me a story about her kids walking in on her and her husband, well you know. What did they do? Well, they told their kids that they were playing "Grown Up Games."

What was my response? "I wasn't kissing him, I was whispering in his mouth." :) I know. It was bad. They didn't seem to care or mind. But these 2 little girls didn't soon let us forget. No way! When their Grandma, My Guy's Mom, came to pick them up, they ratted us out! Oh, and we totally missed the camera phone that recorded our little "Whispering Kisses." Ya, I know.

Are we bad examples? Gee, I hope not. But seriously, we never thought that these 2 little ones, would come running through our house. Um, weren't they supposed to be, you know, at home? It's a school night. Ya, their Nanny brought them over to hangout with us. They had missed us both. But still. Totally unexpected. The Nanny made sure to tell us, she'd call next time.

My Guy is still totally taken aback. It's not like these 2 little girls have never seen us kiss. But you know, there is a kiss, and then there is a KISS. Do you get what I'm saying? I think he just felt bad. Because they seen it. Because none of us expected it. I assure you, all the adults in their lives are going to be more careful.

I don't think it would have been so bad, had it been our kids running in. Granted, we don't have kids. Or if these little girls weren't already going through so much. Like divorcing parents. Or that we had just had that talk about "Appropriate Touching." But you know, life happens. It was an innocent, yet passionate kiss between 2 adults. 2 adults that are in a very committed relationship.

The only thing that My Guy could mutter out, after we were ratted out, was "Gee what's going to happen next?" He grabbed the side of his face, shook his head, and sat down. Yes, isn't bad enough that we can't go out? Or that there are very few people that know we are dating. But now this? I understood what he was saying.

I took the girls and made them some ice cream sundaes. My Guy and his Mom were talking. And I caught a bit of the conversation. He was embarrassed. Because he's supposed to be teaching them how to be "Young Ladies." He wants to be the "Postive Male Role Model" in their lives. To show them how men should treat women. And well, you never want your parents to see you doing those things either. Made me sort of laugh. Because I feel the same way. And I LOVE how respectful My Guy is.

His Mom told him not to worry. That the girls most certainly know that we love each other. It's not like they're watching us "Make out" with every pair of pants that walks by. And that was it. But what is really funny is, My Guy is now putting a lock on our bedroom door. I guess he doesn't want to have anymore of these "Talks" with his nieces. ♥

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