Saturday, October 31, 2009

6 Years...

Auntie Chuchie,

It's been 6 long years. I remember that day, like it was yesterday. In fact, that entire week, felt like a blur. A blur, that I couldn't process at the time. But that I would remember well. Remember all the details from.

What a difficult week it was. I was so sad. And all I wanted to do, was go home. So I could see you. Instead, I was at my home. Sore from my accident. Finishing your blanket. And praying, that I'd get it back to you.

It was our favorite holiday. And I was trying everything, to get in the Halloween Spirit. Instead, I was miserable. Thinking, I need to be somewhere else. I need to be somewhere more important. With you.

I managed to handout candy. And somehow make it to rehearsal. But I couldn't get you, off of my mind. I knew something horrible, was going to happen. And there wasn't a thing I could do!

Late that night, I got the heartbreaking call. That you had gone with God. And my heart broke. I sat in silence. Felt like someone, had kicked me in the gut. And I couldn't breathe. Because I realized, my best friend was now gone.

It's been 6 years. And the pain is still here. Still haunts me every single day. I try to hold on to your memory. Anyway that I can. Since your passing, I've ALWAYS had a yellow kitchen. I make sure to have your picture with me. And anytime, that I meet someone new, I tell them about my amazing Auntie Chuchie.

I don't think I'll ever get used to the fact, that you're not here anymore. I'll never stop feeling this pain. But I'll ALWAYS have you with me! All the wonderful memories.

I wish, that we had had more time. That you could have taught me more. Like how to make your Frito pie, and meatloaf! Oh, and empanaditas. But more importantly, so that we could have more time together. More time to make memories. And share our lives.

There's not a day, that I don't think about you. Your AMAZING heart. And all the love, that you shared, with each of us. I miss you every single day! And I wish that we could just sit and talk. For just 5 more minutes. I love you Auntie Chuchie!

Your Little Niece♥

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