Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Crochet Inspiration

Something that you should know about me is, I LOVE to crochet! I've been crocheting since I was 3 years old! My Grandma taught me some basic stitches. Eventually, I was making 3 blankets. All the time! The granny square, a corner blanket, and a rose square blanket.

But when I was 18 years old, I moved. 3 hours, south of my hometown. 3 hours, from people that I knew. I was in college. Fully engrossed in studying, performing, and working. But I did have a lot of down time. That's when I started to really crochet more. Using patterns.

I bought a few books. I branched out. Taught myself more. Eventually, I found myself making lots of gifts. Especially for kids. A couple of years ago, I got hooked on amigurumi. And now, I use pictures, as inspiration.

Recently, I was searching for some inspiration. 2 of my Goddaughters, and My Guy's niece, are all celebrating their birthdays. This month! So I searched out some ideas. And here's what I found...

This cute hat, and poncho. Perfect for Sarita. She LOVES hats! Mostly because, my sweet Goddaughter doesn't have hair, and wears hats all the time! I think this would be perfect for her! And the poncho, is just too cute. :)

Little K is almost 4. And a BIG fan of "Pretend Play." She LOVES to pull out all her "groceries," and "cook," while I'm making dinner. We've gotten her an entire "Kitchenette," in our house. And almost the entire time, that she's at our house, she plays with it. I'm pretty sure, she'd be "Over the Moon," about this little set!

Lastly, a little something for me. :) This is a lipbalm holder. For a tube of lipbalm. I just adore the strawberry on top! I'd probably figure out, how to attach it to a keychain. That would be a lot of fun!

I'm ALWAYS looking for new crochet patterns. And pictures that inspire me. I LOVE making things, for the people that I love. It just feels so special, to give them something, that I made. That I thought about them, through the entire process.

I'm sure, that you'll be seeing many more crochet inspired posts. And hopefully, I'll make some time, to crochet myself something. Because, I have never made myself anything! I know. Now let me go search for some more inspiration. ♥

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