Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Mercury Rising

I just found my favorite nail polish color for Fall! This picture doesn't do it justice! Not at all! But I will tell you all about it. I went to Walgreen's earlier tonight. And I was strolling along, looking for some things to buy. Small Halloween trinkets for my goddaughters. Nothing crazy, a small pumpkin or a hair bow. Things like that.

I had my hands full with Halloween trinkets. And I was patiently waiting. There was a HUGE line at the front of the store. And there was a family in front of me in the beauty area. Doing their grocery shopping. But taking forever! So I waited. The little boy was nice enough to go and get me a small basket to put my things in. And I waited. They were trying to get all the deals and use all their coupons.

So I started looking around the register. And I saw a display of "Halloween" nail polish. It was just the Sinful Colors nail polish, in various shades of green, orange, purple, black, and yellow. I was not really interested in them. So I continued to look at the display under the counter.

And there it was. In all it's glory! Mercury Rising. Completely overlooked. And under purchased! The perfect brownish maroon color. With orange glitter. Or at least, that is what it looked like in the bottle. I figured, it would be a good color for Halloween. So I bought it. I couldn't pass it up at $1.99.

Of course, the minute I got a chance to try it, I did! And the color is perfect! Not a "Halloween" color like I had thought. But a nice Fall nail color. It is a deep brown color, with the slightest bit of maroon. The orange glitter isn't huge like it looked in the bottle. It is more like of a sheen.

Completely reminds me of the changing leaves. A nice thickish formula. But very easy to use. Opaque in color. And after 1 coat, you are perfect. This is one of their better colors. But of course, I used 2 coats and a top coat. My Guy, he likes it too! ♥

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