Saturday, November 7, 2009

Limoncello Frock Giveaway

One of my favorite blogs is hosting a giveaway for this dress. Don't you love it? I saw it and immediately thought of playing in the park on a spring day. Spring is my favorite time of year. And I can honestly see myself having a picnic with the cutie itty bitties in my life. Playing and running through the grass. I can even smell the grass. That is how in love with this dress I am. I wish I could go to a store and buy it!

The delicate ruffles. The button details. And my favorite fabric to wear, swiss dots. All of it just screams, I want this dress! There is something very playful about the dress. Almost childlike. But with an adult attitude. With all it's detail, I can imagine wearing this dress to a fun outdoor gig. And I just adore the lace that peeks out of the bottom!

So I am entering the giveaway. Because Kathleen is an amazingly talented and kind woman. She is offering this dress in a giveaway. Head over to her blog and enter. Because you know that you love it, as much as you love the fresh berries, that make there way to our tables in spring. ♥

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