Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Voss Water

In our home, we're pretty simple. Nothing too fussy. Pudding pops and Corn Flakes rule in the kitchen. White bread and mayo is a favorite snack. We're not fussy! Except when it comes to drinks. My Guy is pretty set in his ways. Some days, we may not have actual food in our refrigerator. But we always have plenty of beverages. Perfectly lined up. Labels all facing forward. Like you'd find in a store.

And one of My Guy's favorites, you know besides Sun Drop and an occasional beer, is Voss water. Don't tell anyone though. He'd have a heart attack! I'm sure, he thinks this is too girly of a drink. Because he tells everyone that the water is mine!

But in fact, it is My Guy that prefers Voss. He told me that it just tastes better, than water in plastic bottles. More crisp and clean. And he insists that it's more "environmentally friendly," than traditional plastic bottles.

Crazy huh? I like water. I actually really LOVE water. And I'm really starting to enjoy Voss too! I like the bottles. At least at home. Or at work. But to travel with them...I'm always afraid to break them. I'm a bit clumsy. And knowing that I have a glass bottle, of water in my purse, it stresses me out!

I grew up drinking well water. It has a very different taste. And then when I moved, I hated the city water. So I began drinking bottled water. Nothing fancy. Just the gallon jugs that you find at Wal-Mart. The really cheap kind. Does it taste much different than Voss? Well, I'm going to admit it. It does. It's fresh and "clear" tasting. I'd suggest it to anyone who was thinking about it. ♥

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