Friday, October 30, 2009

Halloween Shows

Tonight we are performing 3 Halloween shows. Then we have a HUGE Halloween party that we have to attend. We get paid for it. To promote the casino and the event. I am kind of worried if I am going to make it through the entire night. It is going to be a long one! Let's just hope and pray.

The Ladies are excited. We are going to be Barbies. Yes, Barbies tonight. I don't know whose idea it was. But it should be fun. Tabi likes to dress up in things like this! Annie is so excited about her costume too! Manders is even excited about doing my hair and makeup! :)

With the band, we are dressing up in "World War II" type of costumes. The guys are going to be from various branches of the military. And I have this "Pin up"style Army outfit. I am excited about this costume. It is more like a shorts jumpsuit thing. Not too revealing at all! Thank you Cole!

We also have the HUGE party. we get paid to mingle and to promote the Casino. Not too bad. But after 3 big shows, let's see if I am still walking. I would guess that we are probably going to work until 4AM. Maybe later. That means plenty to eat for lunch. Lots of fluids. And a ton of hairspray! ♥

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