Thursday, February 2, 2012

Oh Peaches!

My dear friend, Rachael, is expecting her third baby. A girl! She has 2 boys, and prayed so hard, for a little girl. Because this will be the last baby, for Rach and Mike. So the news, was so exciting! And on top of that, my friends asked me, to be their daughter's Godmother!

Well, I wanted to do something special for Rachael. Mike and Rachael are such good friends. And I've known them for years! So I asked Rach, what theme she had picked out, for her sweet girl. She told me peaches! As in Georgia Peaches! Because Rach is from Georgia! :)

The Godfather and I decided, we'd split the cost of the baby's bedding. And the Baby Shower. Yes, we decided to throw them a Baby Shower. Yes, they've had one before. But, this is their first daughter. And we're just so excited!

So I began researching. And wasn't having a lot of luck. Not with the bedding. In fact, if you've seen any bedding, with peaches on it, let me know. PLEASE! But the theme for the Baby Shower, it's been a lot easier. Just look at the pictures I've found.

I just LOVE this color palette. Peach, pink, and a coral color. I'm definitely using this color combo! Those macaroons look so pretty. As does the "shake" type of drink. Yum!

How about those beautiful lantern and "puffs," as decorations? LOVE them! The soda bottles are darling! And there are those macaroons again!

This picture, gave me so many GREAT ideas! Look at the Mason Jars. As vases. Darling! Those cupcakes, look fantastic. And that curtain, oh, I just LOVE it! But in my color palette. I better get sewing!

Darn it! Everything is so cute, in this picture! I LOVE those "Peach Lanterns!" Those went to the top of my list. :) I've already ordered, some of those cute straws. And those drinks, look delicious. But it's those pops, that caught my attention! Delish!

There's that cake again. It does look yummy. But I'm thinking of using this idea, for cupcakes. :) The jar, reminded me of a peach drink, that I once had. It was a fruity, non-alcoholic punch. I need to find that recipe. Oh, and the teacup adorable!

What do you think? Do you have any ideas that I can use? Places I should visit? I'm asking for all your ideas. Anything having to do with baby girls, and peaches! I'm Welcoming shop suggestions, ideas, games, recipes, whatever you can think of!

If you have any suggestions, please e-mail me at SweetNightingaleSing (at) gmail (dot) com. I really would like to hear, all of your ideas. I have so much to do! And only 6 weeks to do it! I better get busy. ♥

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