Sunday, February 5, 2012

Peacock Chairs

Sometimes, even I crack myself up! We've been looking for some new furniture. Something fun. A little out of the box. Somewhat nontraditional. Did I mention fun? Well I think I found just that! What do you think?

This is a "Peacock Chair." I'm not sure where you'd use this. Or just how comfortable, it could be. But it sure is fun to look at! Between the style and the color, I don't know what is more fun. It's just so unusual!

At first, My Guy thought I had lost it. But then, we actually got to thinking. Wouldn't it be a fun piece to own? We have this fun room that we're converting into a game room of sorts. Like a place to play cards. Have poker games. That kind of games.

Well, this guy has insisted on burnt orange shag carpet! I don't ask. That's what he had in his bedroom, when I first met him. Crazy! I know! And there is this fabric, that we want to use for curtains. The perfect mix, of this royal blue, and that orange!

This blue color, I think would go well. What do you think? I know! This is going to be one of those crazy, over the top, kind of rooms. It makes me laugh! But this could be fun. ♥

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