Sunday, February 26, 2012

Crochet Along: Week 1

Welcome to Week 1 of our Crochet Along! Manders and I, are super excited about this! We received just under 30 e-mails. Definitely made us smile! And we're looking forward to the next 6 weeks, of crochet time! If you are still interested, you can still contact us. Leave us a comment, on either of our blogs, or e-mails. :)

Week 1 is super easy! And hopefully a lot of fun! All you have to do is, print off the pattern. And do a little shopping. My favorite part! You are going to need 35 oz of 4 ply yarn. And a size H crochet hook.

Right now, I'm sort of having a mini issue. Do I make this for Easter? And use the 4 ply yarn. Or do I make this for a baby? Using "baby weight" yarn? And the colors. Oh the colors! Can you tell what I spend most of my projects doing? Trying to make decisions about yarn. I'm leaning towards a bright yellow. In a "Baby Yarn." But it will all depend on, what I can find at the stores.

I was thinking about this step. And I have a little note for you. I make a similar blanket. All the time! For baby girls. The filet pattern is of hearts. And I use baby weight yarn. With a size G hook. If you are considering this route, I would buy a large ball of yarn. I usually use Lion Brand Baby, or Bernat Baby Sport. One large skein, is more than enough!

What are your ideas? I think a bright yellow, 4 ply yarn, would also be nice. Something bright and fun. Potentially for a toddler. Or a more muted color, for an Easter throw. I've also seen a pretty lavender color, that I'm sorta in love with! Oh the decisions.

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