Monday, January 30, 2012

Just What We Needed

Let me start off with, I'm back in the South, with My Guy! It feels good to be back. In a place that feels not only familiar, but safe. Very safe. Let me tell you, I needed this. Last Sunday, was not a good day for me. I called a few friends. I just needed to talk. Family issues are just too heavy right now. So last Monday, I hopped on a plane, and headed East.

OK, so maybe this is not the best week, for me to come home. But I came. And this "Happy Couple," is just plain out happy! Even if this guy, had to work, all week long! And I mean all week! Yes, it's back to work for My Love. But he's excited about. Secretly, I'm 100% sure that he has missed working. He's just an adrenaline junkie. I know this. And love him just the same!

Back to yesterday. Have you seen the commercials, for all those Shirley Temple movies? You know the one. You pay $50 for all her movies. Well, that sounds like a good idea to me. I've actually seen this commercial, off and on, for more than 2 years. Did I mention? I'm a HUGE Shirley Temple fan! HUGE!!!

But. You know there is ALWAYS a but! But I'm always watching my money. And $50 for movies? Well, I just wasn't sure about it. I do LOVE me some Shirley Temple! But, there I go again, it is still $50!

Well, you know this guy. He's always thinking of me. Because that's just who he is. You know, My Guy. And he's always looking for things to make me happy. I'm not going to lie, lately, life has been so crappy! I've been "Down in the Dumps." Nothing, and I mean nothing, can sugar coat that. Not right now.

And people, if you don't know me by now, this isn't me. Not in my personality! The only bright things in my week have been, seeing My Guy, talking to some good friends of mine, and spending time with My Guy's family. I know. But it's the truth!

While I was in my home state, and My Guy was working, he ordered the Shirley Temple movies. Oh, and failed to tell me about it. He also surprised me, yesterday morning, with the movies. I'm not going to lie here, we've been in bed all day long! Watching these movies. :O)

I guess, we needed to do this. I know that we've both been in overdrive. For way too long! My Guy has been working like nuts all week! In fact, we spent Saturday in Georgia. While he worked. Honestly, it was a lot of fun! And it's getting us ready for 10 months, on the road.

But the break in our schedules, to do absolutely nothing, was terrific! We needed that. An entire Sunday in bed. Just relaxing. Napping. Eating yummy food. And of course, watching these movies, was the cherry on top! Now I need to think of something, to do for my Prince Charmin'. ♥

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