Monday, February 20, 2012

I Miss This...

It's that time of year. When it's almost "between" seasons. We've lived through months of cold weather. "Locked" up indoors. And you know what, I'm ready for Spring!

I miss getting dirt under my fingernails. Of digging for hours and hours, in our garden. Smelling the fresh dirt. Feeling the grit. Being part of nature.

I miss seeing all the beautiful flowers. Smelling all of these beautiful scents. Remembering, that God gave us, some of the most beautiful things in nature. To love. Beautiful scents. And scenes.

I really do miss planting new flowers. Watching our yard fill up, with the most beautiful colors. All the birds, butterflies, and other creatures, as they play in our garden. I miss the cool evenings outside.

Yes, I'm definitely ready for Spring to come! We've ordered so many bulbs, seeds, and plants. Honestly, I can't wait to plant them! If only, the weather would just get a little warmer. And stay like that. Oh Spring, where are you?

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