Friday, August 5, 2011

Steady As She Rose

A while back, I got the Pirates of the Carribean Collection, from OPI. No, I didn't buy it. I'm not that crazy! Who spends $45 on nail polish? Not me! But I got it as a gift. I was over the moon! More so, because it's one of those things that I really wanted. But would never buy myself.

Who in the heck can resist these colors though? They are gorgeous! It was immediate "LOVE at First Sight." No lie! These colors are right up my alley. Perfect for summer. With a few staples, that can easily work all year round. Like Steady As She Rose...

Yes, this color ranks way up there! The perfect mix of lilac and grey. Something different. Not completely out of the ballpark. But just perfect. A color that I longed for, without knowing about it. Yes, I'm actually going to go buy a second bottle. Why? Because I see this as being a staple of mine. A color that I reach for, because it's a fun neutral. ♥

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