Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Fun Day!

Yesterday was such a fun and magical day! I have a brand new Goddaughter to love. She is absolutely perfect. I spent the wee hours of the morning, watching her take her first breaths. Enjoy every moment that my friends shared with me. It was amazing!

Then my sidekick, "Tio Berto, aka Nono" and I had a full day. We managed to sleepily have breakfast, and made sure that the new parents got breakfast too. Then we parted ways. Each of us going home for a few zzz's.

But we had promised Miss Maribel a fun day. And that was what we were going to give her. Our little princess, all decked out in a tutu, was ready to go. I picked her up, and headed back to her Nono's house.

We set our plans for the day, and set out. First stop, was to introduce her to Esmeralda. They were in love with each other, instantly! Maribel came with a ton of gifts. And we all enjoyed the excitement. My 2 Goddaughters were wearing their little tutus. Looking every bit the princesses that they are!

After making sure that Familia A had snacks, lunch, and everything they needed, we headed to a nearby nursery. We had promised Maribel her very own Flower Garden. 3 hours later, her garden was complete. With lots of fun touches, many beautiful flowers, and one happy little girl. Total success!

As she napped, I made a few phone calls. Albert was getting some work done. And we were thinking about snacks. Yes, the Godparents are worse than the kids. When Maribel woke up, we were all surfing the net, and thinking about eating. We quickly found this picture...

Yes, it was the perfect inspiration! We sat and made our own rainbow. And enjoyed eating it too! The perfect day. My "Pot of Gold" was definitely at the end of the rainbow. My beautiful Goddaughter. Yes, it was just the day I needed. Spent with 2 of the most beautiful little angels. My life is truly blessed!

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