Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Aqua and Red

Gabi and Fern are my primos. And they're expecting their first baby. We're all so excited! And this guy and I, are just over the moon! They asked us to be the Godparents. To their beautiful baby girl.

Baby girl is due in November. Which means, the Baby Shower is nearing. Yes, I'm throwing the shower! And I need a few ideas.

Gabi just adores the Aqua and Red color combo! And that's the "theme" of baby girl's nursery. I also thought it would be fun, to throw a Baby Shower, in the same color palette. But I need some ideas. And quick!

So far I have 1 picture for inspiration. And of course, my primos' house. :) Do you have any ideas? For decorations, food, games, more themes, or ideas. I'd LOVE to hear them all!

I'm thinking something a little retro. Definitely involving cupcakes. And lots of fun. I'd LOVE to hear any ideas that you have. Actually, I'd really appreciate any help. You can also e-mail me your ideas at, SweetNightingaleSing (at) gmail (dot) com. Thanks for all your help. I'm off to try, and bake me, some of these cupcakes!

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