Friday, August 19, 2011

She Inspires Me

Do you have a favorite celebrity? One that you've followed for a long time. That you look up to because they're a good person. Not just a celebrity. You might really enjoy their style, or talent, but it's the person that really inspires you. For me, that person is Thalia.

I thoroughly think Thalia is a beautiful woman inside and out. Thalia has a "Heart of Gold." She gives us Latinas, someone to look up to. A woman who has stayed true to herself. Hasn't let the celebrity get to her head.

For years, I've followed Thalia. I watched her so many years ago, in Maria la del Barrio. I've listened to her music, for as long as I can remember. And when she came out with a clothing line, ya, I bought a few pieces. Her jewelry was really fun too!

I enjoy the fact that Thalia is just a natural person. She is who she is. If you've ever met her, you know what I mean. I've been extremely lucky. To sit down and get to talk to her. And she is just a very genuine soul.

I like that she's not afraid to get "Glamorous" for work. That she brings her Latina side out. And has fun with it. But she doesn't feel the need, to show all her goods. Like so many other celebrities.

Most of all, I like that Thalia is relatable. You feel like you might actually get to buy the shirt she wears. Because you generally like it. And she inspires so many mujueres. I LOVE hearing little girls talking about her. How they like that she wears t-shirts and jeans. I personally like that she is a more casual, easy going soul. Very much like our cultura. Yes, in a lot of ways, Thalia inspires me. Inspires me to take care of myself, do for others, and to be a happy person. That's what real role models should do.

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