Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Artistic Annie Doll

This little doll, well Marissa wants it. In a BAD way! She may have hinted, a few hundred times, that her birthday is a month away. REALLY? I had no clue! :)

No really, I'm downloading the pattern as I type this. But I'm still a little shocked, that she LOVES this doll so much. I'm not sure what it is. But if she wants it, well, I guess this Tia Bonita has got to make it. :) She may have also hinted, that she wants the doll to have red hair, and a green and blue dress. Totally doable!

Don't you just love kiddos? And their honesty. I do! And I love how this itty bitties really adore handmade gifts. And they really do believe, that I can make anything and everything. Hopefully, I never let them down. Now I'm off to go crochet. Happy Tuesday! ♥

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