Friday, August 12, 2011

Hawaiian Bells

A few years ago, I was highly addicted to eBay. At the time, my then boyfriend had an eBay Shop. This guy and I also had 3 successful eBay Shops. And when I wasn't selling something, I was buying something. Particularly, plants. Exotic plants, trees, bushes. Whatever I could get my hands on. I was trying to make my yard beautiful. That's when I first laid my eyes on these beauties...

They're Hawaiian Bell Vines. Also known as Stictocardia Beraviensis. I had purchased a few of them. And they grew magically on my back fence. Not only were these vines gorgeous! But they also provided a lot of privacy. In that they created a "wall," between me and the neighbors.

Unfortunately, I didn't have the vines for a long time. Maybe a year or two. Because one Fall, after they had died down, my parents came to visit. And I was muscling the lawnmower around my yard. My Dad offered to help me out. And before I knew it, a lot of my plants had been mowed down. He hadn't realized, that there were plants there. Everything from my prized vines to gardenias, hibiscus, peonies, bougainvilleas, and a few birds of paradise. Yes, I was so sad! And they never came back.

I was sad. Because I really liked the flowers. The vines were nice too. But there was something nice about the flowers. Something special. So I kept them on my radar. And searched high and low, every single growing season. With absolutely no luck! I couldn't find them anywhere. Not on eBay, not on the web, not in the nurseries.

Earlier this year, I found this website. And noticed they sold my favorite vines. The Hawaiian Bells. But they were out of stock. I contacted the owners. And they assured me, they'd be stocking up soon. That was way back in February. Every single day, I check this page. I so badly want some more of these vines. Why does gardening have to be so frustrating at times?

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