Sunday, August 7, 2011

A Good Weekend

This weekend started out on the bumpy side. I just don't know how else to put it. I was all over the place. Emotionally, I was not doing so well. I think all my family issues, are starting to catch up with me. Do you know what I mean?

And even though we're out here, in the middle of nowhere, and the rain has been insane, I'm so glad that I'm here. This guy, makes it all better. No matter what happens. He just makes life better. And we've managed to have a lot of fun. You know, in between all these ridiculous rain storms!

It's also been nice to have one of our good friends,back here with us. A few months ago, he had knee surgery. And he's been on the mend since. Staying back home, and working on the other side of things. This was the first weekend, that he decided to try the traveling game again. Honestly, I hadn't realized, just how much we'd all missed him. Do you have friends like that? That make you just feel at ease. And crack you up with some silly jokes.

Although, we were so happy that he's back on the "Road Team," and he's happy to be back to his old job, you could tell that he missed home. And his little girl. You can't blame him. I always say that I'm lucky. I get to travel with My Guy. Most of the people in this industry, don't get to bring their families along. It has to be tough. To be away from your family, for at least 50% of the week.

We all made the best of it though. The best of all this rain. And being in the middle of nowhere. With really not much to do, besides the guys' work. So we headed to the Outlet Mall yesterday. All I had heard, for the last 2 months, is how good the shopping is. Do you remember when I went home? Ya, My Guy and his buddies were out here. And they did some shopping. So I hauled everybody back there yesterday. And we came home with lots of good goodies. :)

But the best part of our weekend has been all the time spent at the condo. Just hanging out. Enjoying good food. Lots of laughter. Some stupid jokes. Hilarious TV. And just a bit of being kids! Sometimes, even if it's for work, it's nice to just get away. To be somewhere new. And to do things that you usually don't do.

As I type this, rain is coming down outside. I'm sure the guys aren't too happy about it. It postpones everyone's work. But I'm quite enjoying the rain. And the little bit of quiet time. A much needed rest. Something that I haven't had much of lately. ♥

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