Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Enchanted Places

Do you ever dream of far away places? Something different. A little unusual. Or just unexpected. I think of lots of things like this. Sometimes, I think it helps me cope with my job. Working in hospitals can be tough. You do whatever you can, just to get through the day. And sometimes, that means I daydream. :)

I dream about long and lazy days here. At this beautiful farm house. With all it's breathtaking surroundings. Just imagine a lazy day of reading and exploring. Enjoying nature at it's finest.

Or spending the day, exploring this beautiful and lush forest. Pretending to be from a time long ago. Playing in this fun, little house. Enjoying all the charm and beauty of nature. Dreaming up wonderful things. A world that is a little more simple.

How about something fun like this? Honestly, this is right up My Guy and I's alley! I can just see us camping out. With this beauty. Lots of yummy toasted marshmallows. Some fun movie. Because did you notice in the picture? Ya, we could have fun with this little guy!

Yes, there are times and days, when I just dream. Dream of fun things. To help me through the tough things in life. Because, life is not always easy. And sometimes, you just have to pull out all the stops. And make things a little better. Daydreaming always makes life better! ♥

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