Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Fly Away Home

Last week, I laid my eyes on this book. Yes, I'd bought it months ago. And yes, I'd been excited at the time. But somehow, it fell between the cracks. I left it on the coffee table. Before I knew it, our cleaning lady, had put it up on the bookshelf. And I had forgotten all about it.

But last week, I was trying to take a nap. It was unsuccessful. And I was not having the best of weeks. Which lead to me, to not being able to concentrate on anything. As I laid on the couch, this book kept grabbing my attention. I recognized it. I remembered it.

Before I knew it, I was sitting there reading. On page 100. Totally engrossed in this book. That I remember buying, but don't remember what happened after that. How did I lose track of this book? I could almost kick myself, for not reading it. For putting it off this long.

Fly Away Home has been one of those books, that I just needed to read. For all sorts of reasons. It ties in, with some things, that I'm trying to process. You know, on the family front. And with some school work, that I was working on. It just tied so much in. What I call, "A perfect read, at the perfect time."

A little bit about this book. It's loosely based on political affairs. And some current events. What goes on, behind the scenes. How these women are able to stand behind their husbands. And how they are able to go on with their lives. The shame that comes with the truth. But also the story of their personal lives.

Yes, this was a good book. A total page turner. That left me reading the entire book, in one sitting! I thoroughly enjoyed the way the characters grew. Became stronger, more independent people. How their "picture perfect" lives, were really just fronts. Yes, this was a good book! It makes you think twice about the way you see other people.

Jennifer Weiner has been a favorite author of mine for a while now. She writes about women, for women. Some of the chapters are a little "racy," but the books are always so good! Books that I know, I will enjoy reading. And more times than not, I end up reading in one sitting. Yes, she's an incredible author! ♥

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