Thursday, August 18, 2011

Crepe Myrtle

What can I say about Crepe Myrtle? Either you're a fan, or you're not. It's pretty simple. Well, I'm a fan. Around my hometown, everyone seems to have a small bush, or a large tree. Somewhere in their yard. In other cities, I've noticed, they use it to line streets, or housing developments.

I just like the versatility of this plant. The colors. Oh, the splash of color. From bright red, to white, to lavender. The colors just make me smile! So, 2 years ago, I bought some. And carefully planted them in my yard. Hoping, one day to have a large tree in the front. And some smaller bushes around the yard.

Unfortunately, that insane winter freeze came. And I was saddened. Because I lost so many of my prized plants. The Crepe Myrtle being one of them. I hoped, that they'd come back. But they didn't. This morning, I went out and bought a large plant. When I got home, there were 5 in there! And I got to town planting. I'm crossing my fingers. I hope these beautiful plants take. They'd really add something to my garden. ♥

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