Thursday, August 4, 2011

Happy Birthday Enzo!

Today just happens to be Enzo's birthday. 31 years. Yuppers, my friends are getting old! ;) I'm just playing! But I wanted him to know, that I'm thinking about him today. Wishing and hoping he has an amazing birthday. Filled with fun and love.

Years ago, we'd come up with some elaborate plan. For all of our friends, to be in our hometown, on the same weekend. So we could celebrate. Having a fun BBQ. With tons of good music. And of course, a ton of food. Yes, those were good times. Then we all grew up, and became "real adults" with real responsibilities. It's been years since our fun get togethers. But I'll never forget those fun times. And I hope Enzo doesn't either.

Today is all about celebrating my friend. We've been friends forever. Literally, since my birth. And I can't think of a better friend. All I want for Enzo, is all of the love and support that he gives me. I want him to be happy, and to find the love that he deserves. Happy Birthday Zozo! I hope that it's a good one! ♥

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