Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Happy Birthday Emma!!!


Today just happens to be your 1st birthday Miss Emma Grace! How amazing is that? I'm one very lucky lady. You know why? Because I'm your Godmother! Yes, my precious little "Lovebug," you are my Goddaughter.

That is why I stayed here. To celebrate this very big and important day with you. You are truly a blessing from God. A perfect little girl. Emma you bring so much joy and happiness to so many lives! Your mommy, daddy, and big sister are so happy that you're part of their family. And your Nana and Nono are so happy to be part of your life too! :)

I'm so excited to be your Nana. To get to be a part of your life. To watch you grow and learn so many new things. It's been such a great year. Just watching you reach all of your milestones. The first time you crawled was so fun! And I will never forget the first time you smiled at me! But my favorite times, are just hanging out. You know, when we laugh and play.

Yes, Emma you are a true blessing. Someone God has sent to make our lives so much better! You bring such happiness and love. I look forward to the coming year. To watching you really accomplish this thing we call walking. You're doing great already. But we all can't wait to see you really running around. And talking. I can't wait until we can sit and talk. You know, about the important things. Like dollies and books.

I love you so much! And your Nana just wants to wish you the best birthday ever! Yes, little girl, I'm so excited to be a part of your life. To watch you grow and become such a great person. I want to watch you dream about life, and then chase after those dreams. I can't wait. I really can't! But until then, you just have a great time being a perfect little girl. I LOVE you!


Your Nana♥

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