Friday, December 24, 2010

Keep Him In Your Prayers

I have a big favor to ask you, please keep my Dad in your prayers. He got sick yesterday. My Mom called me up. To let me know. But something seemed wrong. Really wrong. So My Guy and I drove into town, so I could check on things. I stayed the day, with my parents. Hoping that this wasn't a major issue. But quickly, I realized we were in trouble.

Last night, things got worse. To the point, I didn't feel safe, having my Dad at home. I called this guy. And an ambulance. When it became clear, we needed more help. My Mom and I, were right behind the ambulance. My Dad was immediately a "Priority One." Tests were quickly taken. Many doctors came in and out. His condition, getting worse.

Within an hour, he was admitted to the hospital. To the ICU. In "Bed One." And we've had around the clock care since. He's been medicated, to keep him sleeping. While they try to figure out, exactly what's wrong. Being that it's a holiday, it's been a little tricky. Many doctors are being called in. Hopefully, things will be OK.

My Mom and I have been here. Almost all alone. I don't think, my siblings understand, the seriousness of the situation. One of my brothers also came. His girlfriend insisted. And I'm getting ready, to go call some family and friends. I know, that we need the support system right now.

Most of all, I'm grateful. To God. This medical team. Everyone involved. This is serious. And we need prayers to help my Dad. I'm grateful to My Guy. Who has been my biggest supporter. My rock. Right now. When I need him. But honestly, we need prayers from all of you, to get through this. Please pray.

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