Thursday, November 18, 2010

Little Girl Dreams

Isn't this just dreamy? Any little girl's dream, right? Heck, I'll admit it. I LOVE this pavilion! My Goddaughter, she told me that she just LOVES this! You see, Maribel is the girliest little girl, that you will ever meet!

Hmm, if I had $470 laying around, I'd get it for her. Oh, and we'd probably need a place to put it. I doubt that Sals would be happy with me. You know, if I should up to her house with this very large present. 5 kids and a pavilion, that just might be pushing it a little too much...

But us girls, we can dream. We can dream about a lot of beautiful things. About tea parties in a beautiful garden, under this beautiful pavilion. Oh, with fancy cupcakes, some dress up, and lots of laughter! ♥

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