Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Flirty Aprons

One thing, that I'm not sure you know yet is...I collect aprons. I LOVE aprons!!! Yes, I'll admit that here. :) It started, when I first moved out, of my parents' house. My Mom was giving me lots of stuff, to take with me. Odds and ends, that she was finding. Because my parents were also remodeling their house.

I ended up, "inheriting" 2 aprons. Made in the 40s? Out of sheer fabric, ric-rac, and lace. Beautiful! They are the type of aprons, that women wore, when they had company over. Totally "useless," but so pretty!

After that, I hunted out aprons. I bought them at Antique Stores, Craft Fairs, and even at my grandma's house. :) Then a few years ago, I got involved in an "Apron Swap." I sewed my first apron. And well, the rest is history!

Since then, I've made myself, 30+ aprons. Participated in many "Apron Swaps!" And added many aprons to my "Wishlist." I've received them as gifts. And every single day, I happily wear one.

The other day, "Little Sister," sent me this link. And I was so excited! The kind of excited, that keeps you up, for hours! Because you are drooling over all the beautiful aprons.

I may have hinted to this guy, that I'd love a couple of aprons. Especially, this one. For Christmas. Oh, that would make me so happy!

Is there anything, that you collect? Are you an "Apron Collector" too? Do you "Swap?" I'd like to know. Because these are things I enjoy. Collecting things that I enjoy. Finding fellow collectors, and swapping. And oh ya, sharing some of these wonderful things, with all of you! ♥

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