Monday, December 6, 2010

Quality Time with My Parents

I didn't get much time, with my parents yesterday. Not at all! It was a quick trip home. Almost solely for the Craft Fair. But that's how life goes. Right?

The little bit of time, that we did get, I enjoyed every single second of it! Every second!!! I'm at it again. Performing. All week. Throw in some work stuff. And well, the week is jam packed with stuff!

But I took some time, to just enjoy my parents. Which was much needed! My parents spent the afternoon with family. While I was the one, that stayed at the Craft Fair. We sold so much stuff! I can't believe it. And my parents, thoroughly enjoyed themselves. :)

After the Craft Fair was over, and I met my parents. We decided, to go out, to a late lunch. Before I had to head back to Sin City. We enjoyed it. It may have only been a few hours, but they were AMAZING!

I got to catchup on family stuff. Like how some sick relatives were doing. All good news. Yay! And well, we just caught up. On the important stuff. Planned some things for Christmas. Or should I say, the week after New Year's. Because, well My Guy and I already have some plans.

I really do wish, that I could spend more time with my parents. I wish that I could share this guy, with them. I wish that this time of year, wasn't so crazy. That I didn't have 2 weeks, worth of shows. And Medical Conferences. And lots of holiday stuff...that I just haven't done.

But at the end of the day, I know that spending time with my family, is important. I only have 2 parents. 2 parents that are older. That I know, won't be here, for decades to come. That my friends, is the ONLY downfall, to having older parents.

There's just something, tugging at my heart, telling me to spend more time with them. And I WANT to! I NEED to! And I'm planning, on spending as much time, as I can, with my parents. I need to carve out more time, for family. This I know. Because, it's important!

At times, life just gets so complicated. And hectic. We sometimes forget, what's important. And what should take priority. I know, that my parents are very important! That they matter. They mean the world to me! And I value that. Now, to schedule in, some more, of this important "Family Time!"

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