Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Updates on Baby C

Today Baby C turns a month old! I can't believe it's been a month! So much has happened. Good and bad. But prayers are still needed. Definitely needed! Today, Baby C is also having surgery. Why? To have her feeding tube moved. And to check her intestine. She is having a difficult time when it comes to eating, and gaining weight.

Since her birth, Baby C has lost weight. And hasn't been able to "feed" like a "normal baby." But she is staying strong. H is also doing so well. I'm so proud of her. Because they've been through so much! And she is still so incredibly strong.

Hopefully with this surgery, Baby C will start gaining weight. We all want her to grow. And in 7-10 days, they'll try bottle feeding again. Very exciting news! Because it means, Baby C is getting closer to going home. :)

Barracuda has a lot to do with H and Baby C doing so well. He is spending so much time with them. And I personally know, it's good for the 3 of them. They're becoming such a close little family. And I think it's good for them. H needs someone to love her, and to be there for her. Barracuda, he's ready to settle down. He wants a family. He wants Baby C. See, even if her biological father doesn't want to be in the picture, God has sent her a Daddy to love her. :)

So I need to get moving. I need to go say some extra prayers for Baby C. There are so many important things to do. But I honestly can't wait to see Baby C after she gets out of surgery. Knowing that the doctors have fixed some of the things that are plaguing Baby C. I really can't wait until she gets to go home with her mommy. And just to get my mind off of things, I really want to make these beautiful shoes for Baby C. I'm pretty sure that she would enjoy a new pair of shoes. ♥

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