Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Fun Birthdays

Today happens to be, this guy's, brother's birthday? Did you get that??? Well, I really wish I was there. Because, you know that would be a fun celebration. Oh, but there is this thing called work. So instead, I gave him a call. And all the "Birthday Boy" wanted to know, was if I'd baked him a cake!

The conversation, was hilarious. But not necessarily "blog appropriate." You know what I mean? We did make some plans. I'm going to cook dinner for he and his wife. Of course, this guy and I, will be there too! I promised to make him a brownie cake. And maybe, even threw in a hunting trip...with his little brother. :)

Hey you! Ya, you. The "Birthday Boy." Have a great day! Enjoy grandma's dinner. And you better think of me. 'Cause I know, that you're going to be eating fried chicken. But for real, have a wonderful birthday! And I promise you, I remembered all by myself. I even got you a present! Happy Birthday K! ♥

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