Friday, December 3, 2010

Capturing Memories

Isn't it crazy, how quickly technology changes? How fast life is moving forward? Yet, how so many people, love and adore, things from our past.

Let's take pictures and cameras, for example. I personally HATE having my picture taken. ABSOLUTELY HATE IT!!! But I like getting lost, in old pictures. Of recalling those memories, from my past. I adore it! And whenever I think of old pictures, I think of my grandparents' old Polaroid. The one that my Nanie would grab, and snap pictures with. Pictures of us kids, my Tatie, or even their countless animals. Fun times!

Recently, this guy and I, picked up 3 such Polaroid cameras. And we've been having a blast with them! There's just something, about watching a Polaroid develop. Almost instantly. It's amazing.

And when we were talking about our little cameras, to friends and family, all of a sudden...EVERYONE wanted one! It just makes me smile. :) How we all want a piece of the past.

Between, Happy Birthday Anna Marie! I hope you have a truly amazing day! We're going to have to grab lunch tomorrow. And do a little shopping! Maybe even capture some memories on my new best Polaroid. ♥

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