Thursday, December 1, 2011

Happy Birthday Baby Jellybean!

Dear Baby Jellybean,

Happy 1st Birthday! I can't believe, that it's already been a year, since you were born. What a magical day that was. You surprised us all. Waiting until you were ready. Not caring, that the rest of us, were anxious about your arrival.

But it was an amazing day! The day that you were born. You blessed so many lives. Especially your Mommy and Daddy's. Of course, your Nono and I, are so excited too! Every time that I see you, I'm greeted with the biggest smile! And it just melts my heart.

I never realized, just how much, one little girl could change my life. Forever! How much love, you can give, to everyone around you. How much joy you share, with everyone you meet. It makes life, feel so magical!

My life is definitely more "colorful" because of you. And I just don't mean by your fun room, and your "style." But because your spirit is s bright! I feel that God made you so very special, to make the world, a better place. We're all so lucky, to be a part of your world!

It's just the beginning. Today marks your first year. We have a complete lifetime, to spend together. And I thank God, and your parents for that. I pray that your birthday is so special! That God blesses you in the coming year. And that he guides you, as you grow. Happy Birthday sweet girl!

Your Nana♥

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