Wednesday, December 7, 2011

A Few Years in the Making

A few years ago, I found this patten. It was one of those free flyers. The ones that they hang up next to the yarn, at the craft store. I pulled 2. One for me. One for my Mom. I really wanted to make it. Heck, I even bought the yarn. Both the camouflage, and a pretty cranberry color.

I don't know what happened. Maybe I lost the pattern. Or life got busy. But it didn't get made. I used the yarn on other projects. And well, I forgot all about it! Until today. When I was going to crochet something else. I pulled out the pattern book, and this pattern fell out. :O)

I dug around, and found some yarn. Guess what I'll be up to today? Yup, making this neckwarmer. Maybe a camouflage one needs to be made too! You know, for our upcoming hunting trip. ♥

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