Thursday, December 15, 2011

The Shack

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On to books. One of my cousins, recently recommended "The Shack." She said it's an amazing book! A book that touches on religion. A man suffers a great loss. Then goes on to spend a few days with God. But not the way we'd expect. No, God, the entire trinity, comes in the form of people. It got me interested. Because my cousin, was really into this book. I'm on the search for it. And headed to a bookstore today. I hope I find it! Have you read it? Or do you have a book, that I need to read?


fenna said...

Hi, I have read bits and pieces of this book, and just to warn you, it is not very reverent to God. If you're looking for a good Christian read, this is NOT it.

susanna internicola said...

it's a great book!! i loved every part!! i hope you do too!! :)

♥Lola said...

Thanks Fenna and Susanna. I really enjoyed this book. I'm a pretty religious person. And I would say, this is not a "religious book" at all! But I did enjoy it. It gives you a lot to think about.

As an early adult, I explored many religions with a friend. I was looking for more than what I grew up knowing. To be honest, I've always enjoyed learning and seeing things, from many different points. I never left my religion. But I do enjoy, sharing the similarities of our faiths.