Sunday, December 4, 2011

A Craft Fair and Snowmen

Today, my Mom and I, are selling at our church's Christmas Craft Fair. I'm super excited about this! I've missed lots of the people from church. I've missed crafting. And this has definitely given me an excuse, to stop and craft.

Last night, I even baked a few dozen cupcakes. Made lots of candy! And sampled some of my Mom's cookies. Yum! I wish I had one, right now. Homemade chocolate chip cookies. My favorite!

I haven't been feeling too great lately. We've been traveling a lot. And I'm trying to finish up my semester. But I wanted to add to our stock. And I made a bunch of scarves, hats, and cowls. I even got busy on some amigurumis. But look at these cute snowmen, that I just had to make!

Yes, I made a few sets of snowmen. And they are adorable! This pattern is super easy! I've even sold a few sets already. Secretly, I want to make me a bunch of them! For me, to decorate a bookshelf, in our house.

I'm so excited about today's Craft Fair! We always have a great time. Honestly, we sell to support the church. If we make money, it's always a bonus. My Mom and I usually leave with a few hundred dollars each. But in all honesty, it's about community. Spending time, with people that we know. Making our community a stronger place! ♥

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