Thursday, December 8, 2011

Winter Snow Storm

The snow magically started to fall, late Sunday night. Quietly, but quickly. I sat watching it. Blanketing the earth. Bringing a calm with it. For a very long time, I've enjoyed watching snow fall. At night. When all the world seems so calm and peaceful.

Monday turned into one of those days. When everything stays closed. Hardly anyone takes to the roads. My Guy and I decide to stay in bed, order some breakfast, and watch a stack of movies. It was a fun day. When nothing got done. Except a lot of cuddling!

I was pretty sure, that life would return to normal, on Tuesday. There were still lots of delays. Almost every road, leading out of town, was closed. My parents were back to work. We were scheduled to look at homes. This whole staying in a hotel, every time we come to my hometown, is getting a little old. I miss cooking. My Guy misses his own space.

We ended up getting almost nothing done, Tuesday or Wednesday. The main highway, to my home, was closed. Little by little, it was opening up. But in the southern part of my home state, they're just not prepared for big storms. So the roads were at the mercy of "Mother Nature." I figured, things would be "A OK" by today...

I was supposed to meet a friend today. And it just didn't happen. The roads were open for the first 80 miles. And the last 50. But everything in between, was closed. Boo! And my cellphone coverage, is almost non-existent. What is up with that?

After talking to My Guy, we decided not to chance it. We didn't want to get stuck in some small town, with no hotel room. Or stuck on the side of the highway. Or get in an accident. And all I could think about, was that dear couple, who got stuck in the snow, last weekend. Ultimately, it was a tragic story. One that we didn't want to repeat.

Although, I LOVE the snow. It really has put a damper on my plans. Our Realtor wouldn't venture out, until today. I didn't get to meet with my friend. Heck, I still haven't talked to her! We haven't made it to the cabin yet. But on the bright side, we got a lot of Christmas shopping done! Some decorations made. And I've spent lots of time, cuddling with my Love! ♥

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