Sunday, December 18, 2011

Really Big...Really Fun!

How are your holiday preparations going? I'm pretty sure, that I've bought and wrapped 90% of the presents, on my list. :O) I've baked some cookies, made some candy, and tackled some Christmas crafts. Our Christmas tree is up. And our cards are sent out. I'm thinking, this is success!

We are taking this as s good sign. And we're heading out, to explore a nearby, tiny mountain town. The town, where my good friend Manders, grew up. I'm pretty darn excited! They have some cute shops there. I just might have to get me something. :O)

Well, last night, after wrapping lots of presents, I decided to relax. And then, I was browsing some crochet websites. When I stumbled on this cute cowl. On Bernat's website. The "Really Big."

I happened to have some gorgeous yarn. And while My Guy and I talked in front of the fire, I whipped this up. I can't find my camera, so you'll have to look at Bernat's picture. Honestly, this is such a warm cowl! Perfect for a snowy adventure.

So how is everyone doing out there? Done with your shopping? How about your crafting? Are these some relaxing days for you. Or is it turning into some crazy chaos? Well, I hope you get a few minutes to just relax. Happy Sunday!

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