Friday, December 2, 2011

What Cards Really Mean...

Unfortunately, I don't live near, most of my Goddaughters. That really bothers me. As I want to be active in their lives. But I try to stay in touch with them. How do I do this? Well, a few ways. Mostly, I call my Goddaughters. I also Skype. For the older ones, that is one of the best things. :)

But I also send lots and lots of letters and cards. Filled with notes of love. And little treasures. Like stickers, pictures, and books. These are the most meaningful. I hear, that my Goddaughters wait for their "mail" to arrive. Knowing the little schedule, that we've got going on! :)

I usually get a call back. With a very excited little girl, on the other end. Which makes me smile. I want my Goddaughters to know, that I LOVE them. And that I'm ALWAYS thinking of them. Because, they each have a piece of my heart.

And then, I'm blessed. With little things that they send me too! A picture of them. A piece of "school art." And sometimes a beautifully colored picture. Yes, I hang them on our fridge. Or in my office. Because these things, mean the WORLD to me!

I think about this a lot. Because my Goddaughters, really do mean so much to me! I LOVE them with my whole heart! And I just think, that it's special to have this contact with them. But above that, I think they really enjoy the mail too! What kid, doesn't like to get mail? With their name on it!

I'm sure that Hallmark, and the USPS just LOVE this! They make bank off of me. But honestly, it's a small price to pay. When I stood up there, taking the vows, to be their Godmother, I was making promises to each of them. And to God. I don't take that lightly. And I hope that they know it. And that their parents know it. And especially, that God knows.

I know that my Goddaughters enjoy their cards. But for me, I enjoy them much more! It makes me feel amazing, to sit there, and write out a special card. To make it colorful and fun. To add something special inside. Just to let my favorite little girls know, that I love them. It means so much, when I get a scribbly picture back. That I know, they took the time to color. Just for me. Yes, those little cards, sent both ways, mean the world!

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