Thursday, December 1, 2011

Baby's Booties

My friend Emmer's is such a sweet soul. I've known her, for about 7 years. In that time, we've become so close! I was her Maid of Honor, and now, I'm her daughter's Godmother. We've been friends for years. But honestly, it feels more like, we're sisters.

Yes, we started out as 2 nutrition students. And interns. Trying to survive college. Quickly, we became friends. Even after Paul and Emmers moved to Florida, we stayed close. We'd make sure to chat online, at least once a week. We'd call when we could. And always met, when they came back to town.

So when I found out that Emmers was having a baby, I was over the moon! And I immediately start making some special things, for the sweet baby. When I was asked to be her Godmother, I cried. Really, I did! Then when we found out, that this sweet baby was a girl, we were all so excited.

Emmers is someone who loves tradition. A time past. Handmade. History. And vintage. When I saw this pattern, I immediately knew, I needed to make a bunch of these booties!

Baby Matilda, has so many booties. But Emmers tells me, these are her favorites. Especially with the chilly weather that we are having. These booties actually remind me, of some that my Grandma made me. I just adore this style. So simple. Yet, so precious! ♥

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