Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Happy Birthday Boss!

6 years ago, I made a triple chocolate cake. Called my nephew up. And I waited. When he walked into my parents house, I surprised him. With a birthday cake. And he cried. I had never realized this, until that moment, he had never had a birthday cake. Yes, my nephew, that is in his 30s, had his first birthday cake. That day!

Since that day, life has not been very easy for my nephew. He almost died. Spent most of a summer in the hospital. Later, lost his wife, step kids, and young son. She just wasn't strong enough. And he was like a small child. Trying to relearn, everything that had been taken from him. But, he is now recovering. Doing better. Living with another one of my nephews, and their friend. Everyone is cheering on my nephew. Watching this miracle happen.

He's getting stronger. Remembering more. Talking. Heck, he even taught himself how to drive again! Yes, things are looking up for my nephew. :)

And today is his birthday. His "Little Auntie" is once again baking. His favorite chocolate cake. With chocolate chips! And I'm so excited for him to come over.

I made the special trip, back to my hometown. To celebrate this amazing day. Just a few years ago, we weren't sure, if we'd get the chance to celebrate again. Today, we're celebrating this amazing man. And just how far his gotten. We all Thank God, that he gave us back "The Boss!" Happy Birthday!

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