Sunday, January 29, 2012

A Big Surprise!

I woke up to a Big Surprise this morning. HUGE actually! My Guy, bought us a house! In my hometown!!! I just about, killed over. I woke up, to this smiling man. Holding a breakfast tray. With flowers. And an envelope. Inside, all the paperwork to our new home. :O)

You see, before Christmas, we went to go look at houses. We've been dating for nearly 3 years now! And the last year, has been a challenge for my family. My Dad got sick in December 2010. Which has meant, that I'm spending a lot more time, in my hometown. Helping my family.

Every single time that I go home, I either stay in a hotel, or at this guy's house. Since he lives in Boston, he rarely is in our hometown. So my oldest friend, let's me stay at his house. Recently, I've spent more and more time in my hometown. My Guy has also spent a lot more time there. With me. And well, we've pretty much, lived in a hotel suite.

But with most things in life, you want to feel at home. Like you belong somewhere. Not in a place, where things feel borrowed. My Guy and I started looking for a small home. A place that is ours. A place where we can come back to. Be together. Enjoy my hometown. My family. My friends. A place were we can start to plant some roots.

We found a place. Accidentally. While taking a drive up to the nearby mountains. We were trying to avoid traffic from an accident. Turned down a side street. Got a little lost. And found a beautiful home. But it was a large home. A place for a family. A place for a full time family. Gorgeous. Spacious. Something that feels like home. That reminds me of this beautiful place, that I'm from. The place, where I became me. Where I grew into this person. A place to come back to. And to feel connected to again.

But I was using logic. We have a home. A beautiful home. In the South. I also have a home. In the small town, where I started college. I love that home. It was the first home, that I ever bought. The place, where I grew up. This man, also owns properties, sprinkled around the country. Places where we spend the most time, while we're on the road. Nothing too big. Or too extravagant. Mostly small places. Perfect for a few days. While he is working.

So my brain, said, "We don't need another home. No more property. We don't need it." Heck, I'm considering selling my home. But my heart, it really fell in LOVE with this home. Because it connected me back, to my hometown. And my roots.

I know that this man, really thought it out. I honestly, had forgotten all about it. I've been more consumed with my family, school, and my internship. He considered everything. Including the costs, with every visit we make. To my hometown. The same things, that he considered, when purchasing other properties. In the end, he knew it was the right thing to do. The responsible thing. And you know what he told me? "It's an investment in our future. One day, we'll split our time equally, between our home, and your hometown." It's important to him, that any future children that we have, are a part of both of our families!

I'm so excited! This is something completely out of the blue for me. COMPLETELY!!! But I'm super excited. Excited about this next chapter. To have this home, on all this property, overlooking those mountains. And that mesa. Near that river. Oh, I'm so excited!

Now, we have to start buying furniture. Painting walls. Moving in. Decorating. Making it our home. It's so exciting! To know that I'm putting down roots, in my hometown, with the man that I LOVE!!!

Here are a few ideas that we came across. And hope to incorporate into our new home. We have lots of windows...which means lots of great light. So we want to take advantage of it!

We have a small room, off of the kitchen. The realtor told us, that it was for a "Tea Room." Have you ever heard of one? I hadn't! But it's a gorgeous room. With dark floors, something like this. They were made from an old barn! So cool. And I have a chandelier, that we never used in our home. Perfect for this house!

I'd also LOVE to find furniture like this. It's just gorgeous! I could see this room, as a place where my girlfriends and I can just hangout. A place where we can chat, share tapas, and have a lot of laughs. I want to keep the paint color light, and some flowy curtains. With lots of candles. Of course! I think it could be magical.

The pantry in this home, is amazing! And I 100% think, that this could work perfectly! I have a nice collection of Fiestaware. The old stuff. And lots of colored glass. It's one of those things, that I've been collecting for such a long time!

There are also some nice bench seats in the pantry. It's an amazing space! I have to say this, a chef of some sort, had to have designed this space. Yes, it's just a dream come true! With a HUGE place for my Cookbook Collection.

There is also a nice breakfast nook. Off of the kitchen. And this my friends, would be amazing! It actually looks very similar to this space. Without the table and booths. I think this could be an amazingly simple project to do!

As you can see, we have a new and fun project on our hands. A HUGE project actually! The only problem is, both My Guy and I's schedules are really picking up. He's heading back to work. And I'm 100% preoccupied with school and my internship. This little project just might take a while. But it's definitely going to be a "Labor of Love." Thank you My Love! It means so much to me!

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