Friday, January 6, 2012

El Dia de Los Reyes

Today is El Dia de Los Reyes. Three Kings' Day. What a magical day it has been! I was lucky enough, to celebrate with my friends. The day that the 3 Kings, came to bring Jesus gifts. In our culture, it is also a day to celebrate. To bring gifts for one another. And to enjoy a little bit of Rosca de Reyes.

Today, we celebrated. Went to church. Celebrated Jesus, and the 3 Kings. We later celebrated at Memo's house. With a nice feast. Where my Compadre Juan found Baby Jesus in the Rosca de Reyes! The kiddos showed me all their new gifts. And we opened some presents. I can't wait until February 2nd! When Juan is throwing the next party. It was such a magical day!

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