Thursday, January 19, 2012

Pati's Mexican Table

I want to share something with you. Something that has made me so happy! I don't know where I've been. But I've missed this amazing mujer...and her show! Have you ever heard about Pati? And Pati's Mexican Table?

Well, just a few months ago, I was sick, and in bed. Not feeling well. It was a cold and rainy day. Usually, the type of days that I enjoy most. But not that day. I was miserably sick. And this man, was trying to work.

Most of the day I slept. Wishing that I was home. But coming to grips, that we were on the road. And I was sick. I napped on and off, all day, I tried to make myself comfortable. I tried to find something, that would make me a little happy.

I turned on the TV, and put it on PBS. Nothing else is really interesting on a Saturday afternoon. Because, well most people are out doing something. Not me! I've come to realize, some of the best PBS shows, come out on Saturday afternoon.

One of the many garden shows was on. Which, I don't remember. Not at all! But I do remember this. I fell asleep. Then I heard this very calming voice. With a broken accent. It reminded me of someone. I couldn't place it at the time.

That voice, it woke me up. And I watched. In amazement. The food looked delish! The show had great music, Pati had a calming voice, the food looked great, the dishes were fun, and Pati had some great stories to tell! And guess what, Pati is a true Mexican cook! Cooking authentic and traditional food. Oh, I was in heaven! Half alive, but it was bliss!

I took a little time to get better. Later that week, I went to Pati's website. And I explored PBS. Looking for the days and times, of Pati's show. Once I found our local station, I put the day and time into our TiVo. I was not going to miss another episode!

Since then, I've managed to watch all of the episodes. I've tried countless recipes. And read that, Pati will be releasing a cookbook later this year! Oh, I just can't wait! On top of all of this, Pati really does interact with you, on her website.

If you enjoy Mexican cooking, or are interested, in learning how to cook authentic Mexican food, you have to watch Pati's Mexican Table. You have to! This is such a great show. One that I hope, PBS keeps on air, for a long time. Pati is such a great cook. And really makes you want to try every single recipe! ♥

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