Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Le Giveaway

Let's start with saying that Maedchenmitherz is one of my favorite blogs. I just adore going to look at her posts. Every single day, I hop over there. Because she posts such beautiful pictures. And some fun crafts! I actually found her because I was looking for a crochet bow pattern. :)

Well, Katja has hit 303 followers. So she is hosting a giveaway. Isn't that really sweet? Maybe I should do something like that. Well, if I had more subbies. :)

The giveaway prizes include a cute hand decorated journal, a pinwheel brooch, and a cupcake charm. So cute!

So I would say, head over to Maedchenmitherz. Look around. It's a cute blog. Maybe you might also want to follow it. And then, enter her giveaway! ♥

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