Friday, September 24, 2010

Mama's Song

With Marie's wedding being tomorrow, and me missing My Guy, this song came to mind. I'm in no rush to get married. Believe me! But one day, I want to be able to tell my Mom, that my groom is perfect. He won't hurt me. But he'll love me.

I know that my Mom wants me to be married. To have many, many children. To live a very happy life. But she's more than OK, with me just being happy right now. Because she knows that she has taught me right. She has taught me all of the things in life that matter.

My Mom has never met My Guy. Not face to face. But they've talked over the phone, and online. She loves him. She knows that he's a good man. A man that will never hurt me. But one that loves me, and brings comfort to my life. My Mom knows this. Because she taught me to find a good man.

And one day, Mom, I promise, your little girl will make it official. You and Dad will be there. And I know that I will be so lucky. Because I've found an amazing man to share my life with. The man that God created just for me. My Guy is amazing. He does so much to make my life good. Mom, don't you worry. I've found the man for me. ♥

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